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We excel at complicated, high-stakes endeavors that blend skilled thinking, sophisticated strategy and precise execution. Petrizzo Group builds long-term relationships with our clients and leverages our collective passion, network and expertise to invest in the future, improve people's lives and make a positive difference in the world. From leading large-scale philanthropy programs to engaging influential policymakers on national healthcare issues, from amplifying business leadership and innovation stories to helping a company owner save their business and the jobs of several hundred employees, our accomplishments are notable. Simply put, we are known for the ability to get things done.

As advisors to CEOs and their boards of directors, venture capitalists and investors, community leaders and philanthropic visionaries, we bring strong ideas, professional rigor and a dedication to quality in everything we do. We hold special expertise and decades of experience in several sectors including the needs of high net worth philanthropists and their families, health care and life sciences, technology and communications, tax and trade, and energy and the environment. How can we support you?